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2011 Ford Fusion Sport with the 3.5 V6 smokes and runs horrible

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I hope someone on here can help me.
I have a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport with the 3.5 V6 smokes and runs horrible.
I'm pretty sure the problem is too much fuel being sent to the engine, but I can't figure out what the cause is. I've replaced a bunch of parts so far and nothing has worked.
Parts replaced so far:
1) All (4) o2 sensors - pre & post.
2) All (6) fuel injectors.
3) All (6) spark plugs.
4) All (6) coil packs.
5) The throttle body.
Looking around the internet I see people working on various cars with other parts that can cause the issue I have, but either this car does not have those parts or I cannot find on the car. These would include things like a fuel rail pressure sensor, Fuel pressure regulator, and several similar parts I can't remember. Please help if at all possible. I took this to a shop and they told me it was the (2) pre o2 sensors & wanted $1200 to change them. I told them no thanks paid $150 for their inaccurate diagnosis and changed all (4) o2 sensors myself. Did not help unfortunately. I'm usually pretty good with GM cars and have fixed many other imports, but this Ford has me stumped. I bought it used and it ran fine for a few months until this started happening. Any help is appreciated.
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You got a vacuum leak, that car has a purge valve, and they are known to fail which would cause this also.
Thanks for the info Skylinedan 1. Do you have any idea where the purge valve would be on this car? I've looked all over and don't see anything that looks like the purge valve on the other motors. This part is what shows for the purge valve on this car on AMZN (photo) but I have looked all over and this part is not on this car with the 3.5 V6. There are several videos of how to replace this on the other motors and it's a simple job right on top of the motor. I thought about vacuum leaks though, but have not checked closely, so that is probably something I need to look at very closely.

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Should be on top of the engine, just to the left of the throttle body.
How to change
Id have to see one, but I think ^^^^^^ he's correct. I don't have anything at work right now that I can get a look at.
Here are a few photos of the area around the TB with the air duct removed. Also I'm posting a link below to a video I took of the motor with the TB & intake manifold removed for clarity. If anyone sees this elusive purge valve, please point it out. There's a plastic part with a wire attached on the left side of the TB, but that is part of the TB. I replaced the TB & that did not help. I replaced the canister at the rear of the car and that did not help either. I also took out the o2 sensors and they were black with carbon. These have about a mile or 2 on them at the most since I replaced them and they are already black. That's how bad this thing is running. I'm gonna clean them up and put them in back in this week as I have time. Could clogged catalytic converters cause this? I removed the exhaust pipe after the cats this weekend, and that did not help. I wanted to see if there was blockage in the exhaust between cats & mufflers. Does not appear to be, but the cats may still be clogged. Again, I appreciate all the help!
Video link:

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See the plastic line in the back with the green cap, follow it and there will be a valve on the line, the cap is for the service port, you take a smoke machine and pump smoke in the line looking for a leak. Your issue is the valve, so it's a easy fix once you find the valve.
Thanks Skylinedan 1. I'll see if I can find it tonight. If that green cap was loose could that be part of the problem? It was not super tight, but it was on there. I took it off to see if there was a schrader valve in there for testing fuel pressure. It appears a schrader vavle from my photo. (below) I found a clearer photo I had taken of the thing with green cap earlier. Can you tell me if it will be line #1 or #2 on this photo? I'll still follow them both. I don't have a smoke machine, but I'll buy one today. I need one anyways for this type of thing.

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Well, sorry, but from what I have seen, you would have had to remove the purge valve to remove the intake manifold.
From the pictures you have show, you have already removed it.

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Your pointing at it, and there's no fuel in the line with the green cap. That's the vapor line from the tank, goes to the purge valve up front on the motor. You have two valves in the emission system, the purge valve at the motor, and the vent valve at the charcoal canister in the back near the tank.
maydk65, I don't have that on my car. I wish I did, that's what the other motors have - nice & easy. I did what Skylinedan 1 suggested and followed the line from the green cap back. (Line #1 in my photo above) It goes behind that metal plate and out the other side in the back on the passenger side. I removed that plate to see where the line went, but I don't think I had to. The line from the green cap thing ends up here, marked in blue in the photo. These photos were from the bottom, BTW. I'm holding back the dangling o2 sensor in the image on the right. I found the part on line & on the Autozone website and it looks like the one shown in the image below, according to them. I think this is the correct part and I think the lines are installed like I'm showing with the green arrows. So now the problem is figuring out how to get to it. I think I either have to take off the power steering reservoir, or I may be able to remove the passenger wheel and splash plates and access it through the wheel well. Either way, gonna be a major PITA. I'll see what I can do tonight after work and let y'all know. It was getting dark when I took these photos, so it's hard to see way up where this part is.

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This photo is from the top of engine compartment on the passenger side.
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Please forgive my ignorance. I guess must have misunderstood the engine that you have.
No problem maydk65, I appreciate the help. So it turns out I had to remove the power steering pump reservoir to access the purge valve. It was still difficult to get to cuz only 1 hand fits down there, but I managed to get it out. Wife said the part came in today, so I will install it tonight and let y'all know if this part cures my issues. Keeping fingers crossed. I put a yellow zip tie on the top hose so I would not get the 2 hoses confused, but it turns out this was not necessary because the hoses are different sizes. The cardboard is to keep stuff from falling in the intake. With my luck, I'd drop a socket or bolt down there and cause myself a real nightmare. Preventative action - like buying insurance. lol.
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I replaced the purge valve last night, which was very difficult, but I got it in & everything back together. Started the car & nothing has changed. So, back to square one - I have no idea what can be causing this. It runs real rough so I took a video of that. I was gonna test drive it around the block, but when I went to re-start the car after I moved my truck out of the way, I could not even get it to start without pushing on the gas quite a bit. It would not idle without pressing the gas. Here are the videos I took. If anyone has any more suggestions of what else can cause this, please let me know. Thanks.
Just a thought, try reaching out to the Ford Fusion Forum folks. There are people there that have the same car as yours and may have more insight into your issues.
I was gonna suggest the same thing, you really would do better on a forum devoted to the same Gen version as your car. If i.had your car in front of me, I'm sure I could find the problem.videos are great sometimes, but sometimes you just gotta have it there in front of you.
I appreciate the suggestions. I put a post up there at Ford Fusion Forum at the same time I put this one up and have gotten zero responses. I was gonna change out the cats this weekend, but had other chores that needed to be done, so maybe I'll do that this week after work. It's not showing any codes any more, but probably cuz the battery died and it has not run enough to post any codes since I recharged the battery.
Are you having battery problems? If so, you really need to fix that, you'd be surprised the issues a bad battery and or charging system can cause.
f you would have brought it to Ford for diagnosis, it would have cost you much less than what you have already spent. I would just bite the bullet and go to Ford for diagnosis. Your shot gun approach is not working.
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No battery problems. It just drained from sitting too long. It charges right up and seems to hold a charge for a couple of weeks. If these cats don't fix it, I probably will take it to Ford. I took it to another mechanic shop, but they said it was the O2 sensors, so they don't have the equipment or know how to properly diagnose the problem like Ford would be able to.
I work for a ford dealer and went and asked our drivability tech about your car, he asked if you have done a compression test yet as the car is known for having timing chain issues which could cause a rough idle and rich condition ? Sounds like you have tried everything else ..
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