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  1. Fusion V6 Sport Wheels and Tires
    I recently wanted to put a new set of tires and wheels. I was going to go to the factory size of 19 inches, but I'm going to go to 18 inches this time. I found this Flowone F5. They are 19 lbs each. Size of 18x9 and offset of 45. Also, I would like to put 255 40 18 or 255 45 18 tires. So what do...
  2. Fusion V6 Sport Wheels and Tires
    Hi, I'm going to buy a 255/40/19 size tire and wheel set, but I'm stuck on the wheel. Look at these two pictures. This Sparco wheels are the same size with 19x8 front and rear. On the other hand, O.Z. wheels are 19x8.5 front and 19x12 rear, which are different in size. Does that mean I have to...
  3. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    I want to see wheel options for these cars as I am in the market for some. Show me stock wheels painted in different colors like gloss black or bronze. Also factory focus wheels that you have.
  4. New Wheels

    Installed AE901, pretty cheap and a great 5 spoke design
  5. Fusion V6 Sport Wheels and Tires
    Pothole ate my left front so I am looking to get a set of wheels, let me know your opinion on the styles below or if there are any similar wheels! Thanks I am looking to get Bronze wheels, if its not for you, I get it, but I wanted the bronze on black look and so here we are lol. Specificilly I...
1-5 of 5 Results