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  1. Fusion V6 Sport Parts
    Currently looking for two used OEM sport rims in Canada. Must not be bent, can be chipped or scratched amd ill just repaint em. Please lete know if you have a pair of a full set available in Canada. Thank you,
  2. Fusion V6 Sport Wheels and Tires
    Pothole ate my left front so I am looking to get a set of wheels, let me know your opinion on the styles below or if there are any similar wheels! Thanks I am looking to get Bronze wheels, if its not for you, I get it, but I wanted the bronze on black look and so here we are lol. Specificilly I...
  3. Fusion V6 Sport Parts
    Hello, Mr. Magnetic here. Sadly selling my Fusion Sport after 2 happy years of ownership to make room for a new car. As such, I have a bunch of parts to sell, all used on my FS for ~2 years or less, in most cases. I can ship via USPS or UPS (preferred). Let me know if you have any questions...
1-3 of 3 Results