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  1. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    Hey guys, hope all is well! Just filled the car up with some E30 today and saw BDX show -2.50 on Knock reading and -.96 OAR, can anyone chime in and let me know if that can hurt the car...?
  2. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    Hey guys, hope all is well! I was messing with my bdx yesterday and was trying to find a knock sensor reading, but couldnt find anything. Does BDX even read knock or only the X4? TIA
  3. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    Hello guys, I got a couple questions about getting a tune from Unleashed, and thought you guys might have the answers. One of my questions is, can i ask Torrie to whatever i want? Like, add a couple pops on downshifts (not like a burble tune though) or on upshifts? Another thing, if i buy his 2...
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I recently started having a check engine light after a series of stalling issues. The car will shut off completely and coast to a stop with the accessory mode still active. It’s very strange and frustrating as it could be a Saftey issue. The code is P0627 (The P0627 code is...
  5. Fusion V6 Sport Performance
    I just wanted to share my experience in difference of the tunes I got for my 2017 fusion sport. My car is bone stock, no changes other than the tune. For anyone like me who knows nothing about cars, is not computer savvy, and just drives the car around town (not drag racing)- I still highly...
1-5 of 5 Results