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  1. Want To Buy
    On the hunt for some ultimate performance down pipes for my 2017 fusion sport in great condition , also in great condition/for a reasonable price. Located in the metro Detroit area / downriver .
  2. Fusion V6 Sport Performance
    Hi guys, My Fusion Sport has Borla S type axle back exhaust now, and I will be installing a Steeda cold air intake next week. Will it reduce the performance without ECU tune because of the cold air intake? Do I have to do an ECU tune for it? Its ECU is in factory condition right now.
  3. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    Just did some testing in 75 degree weather and 2300ft DA with a Dragy ~4.9 0-60 ~13.6 1/4 mile at 99.5MPH Bone Stock, traction control off in sport mode, brake boosting to about 2000rpm it chirped the tires a bit, sounds like really good numbers to me considering that’s better than advertised...
1-3 of 3 Results