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  1. Ford Fusion V6 Sport General Discussion
    Sup all! Looking for the torque specs for a vacuum pump and also the oil separator attached to the block. I think I have a leak on the stock separator and Im looking into replacing it. If anyone has any info on how to remove the intake and reach that separator it will be greatly appreciated. I...
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I recently started having a check engine light after a series of stalling issues. The car will shut off completely and coast to a stop with the accessory mode still active. It’s very strange and frustrating as it could be a Saftey issue. The code is P0627 (The P0627 code is...
  3. Fusion V6 Sport Photos and Videos
    Second time out here. My mom came from New Orleans for my birthday and we love the beach, so took the FFS to the land of FX4s and Z71s and Rubicons. Second angle to show how far down the beach we came. About 1.5 Miles, no issues at all. Beach is recommended 4x4 but we didn’t struggle. bonus...
1-3 of 3 Results